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Jewelry Care

Customers are responsible for knowing their own metal sensitivity and allergies so please read the metal description in the item page before purchasing from our store.

Gold Plating FAQ:

1. How long will the gold plating last on the jewelry?

Rings suffer a great deal of wear and depends on whether you wear the ring constantly. It also depends on a persons body chemistry. The length of time the plating lasts depends on your own body chemistry (acidity) , how often you wear it, environment, chemical contact such as perfumes and lotions and your activities while wearing it.

*Costume jewelry is not intended for every day constant wear if you want it to last *

2. How do I take care of gold plated jewelry so that it lasts?

Most of our jewelry is very delicate. Please use appropriate care avoiding direct contact with water, lotions, perfumes & chemicals. Use a jewelry cloth to gently wipe your pieces after each use. If you are washing your hands or doing any kind of activity where you will come in contact with things mentioned above or engage in any active activity that will cause sweating, please take off the jewelry to keep it from tarnishing. Take off before going to bed, showering, doing dishes etc.. Keep the jewelry away from light and moisture.

Costume jewelry plated with gold will tarnish with normal wear over time but with proper care, you can enjoy the jewelry for a long time!



As explained, it is difficult to control how "fast" the plating wears out, as it depends upon the individual's skin type /acidity, secretion and activity level. Fortunately plated jewelry can be re-plated at anytime. You can have the ring re-plated at any local jeweler, or there are gold and/or silver plating kits you can buy online ie amazon etc (around $20-$30)... that make it easy to re-plate your gold plated jewelry as needed.


Metal Sensitivity & Allergies / "Green Finger"

If you ever had a ring or earring turn your skin green or black, only after wearing your jewelry for a short period of time, this may mean you have a skin sensitivity and or allergy to certain metals such as brass/copper.

If you are aware of this, wearing plated jewelry made of brass may give you a green finger. If you never had your skin turn green wearing costume jewelry, it will not effect you.

The reason is because all brass jewelry have copper mixed in during the gold plating process. Most/All brass jewelry needs to have copper or nickel to plate it with gold.

We DO NOT use nickel but use copper. Copper may cause the green finger when a persons acid (PH) level is high in their body chemistry. 925 Sterling Silver is certified as having 92.5% pure silver, plus 7.5% alloy---usually copper.
Please note, your ph levels may also change when pregnant / hormonal changes etc...

If you have further questions about gold plated jewelry please contact us before purchasing.

Thank You !